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Brit at Moss Vale Yoga Studio has created a lovely mix of yoga, fun and community. Her yoga classes play a large part in keeping mind and body together through these crazy times we live in and all the crazy things I put myself through on a regular basis.


Jane R

I have attended Brit’s yoga classes for four years and still look forward to each week. Brit leads and encourages without stress so that we all perform at our own pace but still make progress. Over the last two years the studio has offered a COVID safe and relaxing environment which I feel sure has benefited all of Brit’s students. Brit and the Moss Vale Yoga Studio are a great asset to our town

John D

Many thanks for a wonderful year of truly revitalising yoga and for your positive and caring spirit throughout a turbulent year.

Robyn W 

I'm I highly recommend Brit and her beautiful studio to anyone looking for yoga in the Southern Highlands! 

During my 2020 pregnancy the prenatal class kept me sane! I started around the 3 month mark and continued with classes till the week I was due! It was amazing for not only my physical health and overall well-being but also for creating moments of pure connection with your baby as everyday life is so busy and stressful (especially through the pandemic). 

Cara C

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